Do large tiles make a room look bigger or smaller?


I am often asked in the showroom if large tiles will make the room look smaller. This is often when looking for floor tile for a smaller room. 

The old train of thought was that you put large tiles into large rooms and small tiles into small rooms. We even used to change size in the same installation and install 18″x18″ in the kitchen and living room and change to 12″x12″ for the bath and laundry even if they connected at the doorway.

Now days we know large tiles vs small tiles will make a room look bigger rather than smaller. The reason for this is that a busy floor or smaller the tile with more grout lines makes the room feel more crowded and busy, which ultimately increases how busy the design looks and feels.

So go with the larger tiles to make a room feel larger. You will also have less grout to clean and have a overall cleaner look.

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