How difficult is installing laminate flooring over linoleum?

How wonderful laminate flooring is when dealing with floor preparation!
Installing laminate flooring over linoleum is a snap. First clean the linoleum then install the laminate.
I am kidding a bit. However you are in most cases very close to installation with little work to do.
The idea is you need a clean, sound, smooth surface. So, if you have base boards, they need to be removed. If you have coving, these areas will need to be cut out and the low areas filled with floor patch. Any loose or curled up seams or edges must be nailed down or cut out and filled. The balance of the areas can normally be left alone.
The embossing (the faux grout lines) on the floor can be left alone in most cases due to the laminate should have a firm core and will bridge these slight imperfections in your subfloor. Depending on your product you can install with or with out pad.
If your old linoleum flooring is on a wood subfloor you may run into some hight issues at the doorways. Check outside doorways and inside transitions to tile or carpet. You need to take these areas into careful consideration. Also check that the top of the refrigerator has room to move up a bit with the new flooring as well as other appliances. If you are running into issues you may need to remove the old linoleum and the underlayment (together) and then install the laminate on the subfloor.

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