Removing ceramic tile needs to be done at times to make room for new flooring such as new tiles, hardwood flooring, laminate, carpet and/or vinyl floors.
      Removing tile in any space is one of the most dusty things to be done on the project. No matter how well you mask off areas, the dust seems to get through and rolls slowly into all areas and levels of the home or work space. With that said it is still worth the effort of masking off doorways to slow it down, covering furniture, drapes (or removing them), window coverings, counter tops, taking down fine art and pictures, nicknacks and covering or closing heat and air vents. You will want to keep the heat and air system off during this time or you may pull dust from one side of the home to another. It is a good idea to plan on a cleaning crew to dust the house after new floor installation as part of the overall project.
     When the tile removal starts they may come up in small or large pieces however it is the thin set (adhesive) under the tiles that is normally the real time consuming work. This is often done with hammers, chisels, scrapers, RotoHammers, and grinders. Each job is unique and some tools work better on one area than another.
     Once a old tile and thin set are removed you are ready to inspect the subfloor for suitability for the new flooring. It could be the tile hid some flaws in the subfloor that now need correction.
Tile is a difficult floor to remove and dispose of but once your new flooring is complete you will see it is worth the effort.

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