The color carpet you choose will really help you love your carpet longer.

Should I pick a light color, a bright color, multi-color, neutral color or the color of the dirt outside? I often guide clients towards certain colors after the experience of working with them and getting to know their taste and tendencies.  My goal is to to make them happy for the life of the carpet not just for a few months.
We work together to tell the story of the future of this carpet. What qualities will this carpet need to survive long term. What is the job of this new carpet?  Is it to sell the house and appeal to the masses? Is it to raise the spirits of the person entering the room?  Is it to look good while taking a beating?  Does it need to deal with coffee spills, pets, soil (sand in my area) or match or compliment other items in the home.

Finding the best color for you can be fun and nerve racking at the same time.  Take your time and find the Style of carpet you like best, then look at the colors within that style.

Keep in mind that the carpet will usually look lighter installed in the room than the sample.  I often tell clients once they have a selection down to two choices, the darker choice would be my pick.   dto It will look lighter installed and help it look better longer over years of wear and soiling.

So have fun, find your style and add a little color!

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