The flooring industry has room to grow in the area of showing samples.  What is a sample? By definition a sample is a small piece of something to shows what the larger will look like. So how large should a sample be? Do I take it home? How many should we take? Do they need to be returned?

Flooring samples edicate can be confusing. In our store we have small carpet samples 6″x6″ or smaller that we don’t really expect back, we have larger carpet, hardwood and tile samples that we need returned soon to show other clients. When we all do our job we even check them out so we can follow up on them. It seems that every store has its own way of dealing with samples.

Recently I read and noticed myself that when clients take more than two or three samples home they are more likely to bring them all back without making a decision. Likewise the clients that narrow down the product at the showroom to one to three samples get them home in their own lighting and decor and makes a final selection.

Samples are getting larger. The industry is making a change to give clients larger samples and they keep getting larger. I had one client that could not fit any of the hardwood samples she wanted into her small sporty car. I brought them out when I measured her home.

It is hard choose from a small sample. I am glad to see that flooring manufactures are responding by sending us larger samples.

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