You hear the term Water Proof but have to wonder, Proof?  Can flooring really be water proof?
Well, the answer I would say is Yes and No. The material really is water proof. I have a jar filled with water and sealed with this type of flooring at my office.  It’s going on 3 years now and showing no signs of swelling or saturation.

However, what you really need to understand before purchasing a water proof floor are the other factors and surfaces surrounding and below the floor.

Things to consider:

Will it be installed on a concrete or wood subfloor?
Will we be putting it over a pad?
Are we sealing the edges with some form of waterproof sealant? Not needed in most cases.
Are we setting a toilet on this new floor? How will it it be secured if the floor has a soft pad underneath? A skilled licensed plumber should do this. He will secure the floor before installing a new seal and installing the toilet.
If the dishwasher is older and close to replacement time this is the time to replace it.

What are the benefits to having a Water Proof Laminate Floor?

Acidental spills are easily cleaned without damage to the new floor.  Even if the spill has been there overnight.  Have an ice maker that tosses ice now and again? A child that leaves little messes? A pet? The dog’s water bowl that is often spilling?  These are just some of the benefits that a Water Proof Laminate floor offers.

Also, these new floors come in a wonderful array of colors, textures and are very durable.

If your looking for the end of worries about larger leaks such as from a dishwasher, washing machine or plumbing problems, you are not going to find it.  In many cases, these leaks require removing of the flooring, base boards and replacement of other damaged materials in your home.  However, the good news is that you will most likely be able to re-install the undamaged flooring.

Water Proof Yes! The end of leak worries No?

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