Pre-fabricated Granite Counters or Full Slab Fabrication?

You may be looking for an update to your kitchen and bath counters. Maybe your laundry room was just expanded and your getting more counter space.
What do you do next? Where do you go? What are we even looking for? What is a Pre-Fab Counter Top?
If your looking for new counters you might have had many ideas pitched to you. Let me give you some details that might help send you in the right direction.
PRE-FABRICATED Counter Tops are Granite, Marble, Travertine, and Quartz (Man Made Granite Composite) that have already had the edge details completely done.
With a Pre-Fab Counter the installer can often just cut a sink hole, cut the back and one side and install. This application saves hours of work to cut, glue and then shape and polish the edge details since they are already finished. With more intricate projects the installer will fit several Pre-Fab counters together to finish a large kitchen. Most Pre-Fabs will come with a 6″ backsplash to use as desired. You might find a use as a window sill as well.
Not all projects are a good fit for pre-fabricated counters. If your counters have an island or a wide three sided peninsula you may need to purchase a full slab to get the job done.
Talk to your fabricator before you purchase your counter top product and ask if Pre-Fabricated counters are a good option for you. You might save yourself a lot of fabrication time and money.

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