If you are like many clients I talk to, you may have a family member or friend who has floor covering installation experience or does it on the side. You might wonder if it wise to buy the material and have it installed by someone you know.

I have installed flooring for companies, friends and worked late nights on side jobs through the years as well as handled repairs, corrections and replacements for both material and labor reasons for a large flooring retailer for decades. As a rule I would say the jobs I installed for friends or as side jobs are out of luck if they had an issue later I was not aware of. The manufacture would want to see that the shop providing the material also installed the job. Once outside the box of an in-house installation things get much harder to fulfill the full warranty. I have seen this happen time and time again.

One reason to stick to the Flooring Retailer is he has a relationship with the supplier that deals with the material and current installation methods. The installer may even be certified to install that particular flooring. The installers for that company not only have the training and resources through the shop and manufacture but more than likely have several jobs under their belt of the same material and have worked out the bugs so to speak. The Flooring Retailer also has leverage with the manufacture as part of the team to help be sure the client is happy with every aspect of the new flooring from quality product to installation.

In short having your Flooring Retailer send their in-house crew will typically save you time, hassle, leave you with less loose ends, fulfill all warranty criteria and give you a right-the-first time and on-time installation.

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