Are we really purchasing our floor around our pets? You bet we are!

After all who has a IPhone without photos of their pet inside? They are not just part of the family but are the family.

If you have active pets in the home you may see some small scratching in hardwood floors, Luxury Vinyl Flooring, and even some vinyl floors if your pet is of any size. Be sure to look for products that have a low luster or matte finish, even better a rustic look tends to hide a multitude of sin.

Laminate flooring seem to hold up very well to pets nails. Look at brands like Quick Step, Mannington and Armstrong.

With the new water proof laminates from Paradigm, Cor-tech and others the finish is a bit softer on the surface like a Luxury Vinyl Floor. However these products hold up well to other issues that might show up such as potty spots and spilled water bowls.

Think of your pet and future pets habits and life style when purchasing your next floor.

If you work away from home, he or she might just spend more time on the new floor than you do.

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