Be careful with Wet Carpet!

I recently saw a video on YouTube where a gentleman was stating that when his carpet was wet, the backing could easily be pulled apart.  It reminded that some might find this information helpful.

Years ago, when I was a flooring installer, I was told not to work on or move furniture on carpet that was wet.  The reason was that after a cleaning or even an accidental water leak, the carpet itself  and the seams become very vulnerable.  The latex adhesive holding the secondary backing becomes soft and loosened from the carpet until it is again dry.

After the carpet and backing dry, the carpet is back to full strength and bonded together again.

So after a cleaning or accidental water leak be very carful with your carpet or you could cause damage that is difficult or expensive to correct.

Another thing to remember is the carpet fiber can wick the stain from wood furniture legs when the carpet is wet.  So be sure to put some protection between the carpet and wood furniture legs as protection as you don’t want furniture stains on your carpet.

The carpet manufactures recommend steam cleaning about every 12-18 months so your carpet will get wet from time to time.  Just remember to be cautious and treat your carpet with care until it has time to dry.

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