Kittens and puppies and dogs, oh my!

Are you concerned about your pets on your new flooring?  Lucky for you so, are many others and the flooring industry, aware of this, continues working hard developing the most user friendly floors for pets.

You now have so many choices to choose from.  Water proof laminate flooring is a great way to cover  an area that might get wet from a new puppy or an old best friend.  The water bowl spills now and then?  No problem with sheet vinyl,  LVT (luxury vinyl tile), and water proof laminates.

Shaw even has a water proof carpet backing now that will hold back any water, urine or other liquids from going through the carpet and getting to the pad.

With so many options now from carpet to hard surface, do not fear to rescue that furry friend.  You will be glad you did and your local flooring retailer will be glad to find you a floor that fits your new family.

If you have other flooring concerns, ideas, questions or comments, I would like to hear from you.
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