Area Rugs Anyone?

Do you sell area rugs?  I’ve had the opportunity to sell area rugs to a wide variety of clients over a period of 30 years!  Area Rugs can be a wonderful addition to most any home.

Just look at how many opportunities there are to help clients soften a hard surface area, protect a hallway, tone down noisy rooms and accent sitting areas.  Helping them come up with the proper size, backing and edging for the area rug is just as important.

If you don’t stock area rugs at your store, you can order many finished rugs from the carpet mills.  Ask your local carpet representative for details.  You can also find a carpet binder and build a relationship with him to cut and bind any rugs you order for your client.

After all, what are we doing but helping others?  Be sure to provide backings that will not scratch the hardwood underneath.  Provide the home owner with options or know where to get non-skid pads if needed.

In short,  if you have pre-made area rugs in stock,  great!!!  If you don’t, you can still provide the service.

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