IMG_0868The mention of Sheet Vinyl or Linoleum still concur up derogatory images in the minds of some clients.  It can bring up thoughts like “cheap”, “hard to clean”, “Curling up at the bath tub” and others.
Now,  if you go back to the 1950’s the linoleum of the time was stable and stayed where you installed it.  It lasted, it was durable and though you had to wax it it was fairly easy to clean.
When asbestos was removed the new products introduced were not that same.  My Grandfather worked for Armstrong Flooring at the time and told me they never came up with a good plan before asbestos was pulled from use.  The floors we had in the 80s’ and 90’s were in my mind experimental and had a lot of issues, causing many to move to other hard surface products such as tile, laminate and LVT (luxury vinyl tiles),  I believe the poor performance in vinyl helped these others categories grow.
Today, I feel that the industry has really come around and has quality products to offer once again.  I believe there is a place for Sheet Vinyl once more and that my Grandfather (rest his soul) would be happy to see they finally got it right!

The sheet vinyls of today have thick wear layers and cushion backings, benefitting maintenance and your joints. These floors are easier to maintain than ever before.

With the style and selection now available, today’s sheet vinyl can be a great solution for many areas of your home.

Remember sheet vinyl when putting together ideas for your next project.  You might find it the perfect solution.


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