Lately, I have been writing about the three categories of Carpet Fiber that I most often discuss with clients.  I’ve covered two here thus far and here goes my take on the third, SmartStrand.

Available only through Mohawk, it was introduced about 11 years ago as having the characteristics of Nylon Fiber as far as durability and the ability to clean up like a a Polyester Fiber.
Being third generation in the flooring trade and having a background in hands on installation, I thought this was quite a claim by Mohawk and went right to work doing my own personal testing.
I took a quality Nylon Carpet and a SmartStand Carpet home and first poured some beach on both.  I noticed the bleach puddled up on the Nylon due to the stain protection and after a few minutes sunk down into the carpet.  This would have allowed for a quick clean up.  The same bleach poured on the SmartStrand went right down into the carpet and was gone.  I later learned that no added stain protection was used at that time because it is not needed.  I also rubbed in some mustard, catsup and magic marker to both carpets and let it all sit overnight.

The next morning I found a large white bleach spot on the Nylon Carpet. The SmartStrand showed no sign of bleach ever being added.  I then took both samples and put them under the kitchen sink to clean the best I could with a bit of soap and clean water.  The mustard came about 80% out of the Nylon and 100% from the SmartStand and the catsup came out of both no problem.  The magic marker came about 25% out of the SmartStrand and none came out of the Nylon.

I was sold on the ability to clean SmartStrand that day and 11 years later have yet to see any other outcome.  At the time I was unsure of the durability of SmartStrand and I guess you could say it is still being tested today by customers.

As one of the premium products on the market today,  I hold the opinion that SmartStrand is great value for a large quantity of clients.  With today’s busy schedules and more casual life styles, carpet takes a beating and SmartStrand has proven to be one of the best ways to beautify a busy home with little concern over the maintenance of the carpet.

No flooring is perfect but as far as carpet goes I think Mohawk gave many customers just what they needed with SmartStrand.

Thanks for reading and please look back if you missed content on the other quality fibers that might be a fit for you or your client.

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