The second Carpet Fiber I like to talk to clients about is what I call
the category of Polyester or PET (there are other fibers that fall into this category
as well).  These carpets are very stain resistant.  They are manufactured
with the color mixed in before they are extruded into a fiber.

Think of play-dough you used as a kid with the color going all the way through or a lipstick cut in half.  I have sprayed bleach on these fibers without any color change.  I like to think that instead of a stain or contaminate getting into the fiber it is more likely on the fiber.  So, when you have a stain, you call a carpet cleaner to clean the outside of the fiber only. Though these Polyester Fiber Carpets are very stain resistant, they are more affected by heavy traffic and do show wear patterns sooner than some other Fiber options.

As Polyester is a more economical Fiber to make carpet with it is more standardly placed on a lower grade backing, so the overall price of purchasing this carpet is significantly lower.  You may see several dollars a yard savings here.

When I have a client come in with three young children, sippy cups and all.  Often, along with pets, I educate them on the benefits of a stain resistant Polyester carpet.

Think about it, with a lower cost Fiber, you get more bang for your buck!  More fiber and denser carpet and the ability to keep your carpet cleaner longer.  If a young family moves in to a home, they can spend less money, they can get a carpet that looks really nice, is easily cleaned and in 7 years or so, they will most likely move or replace the carpet anyway.

This is a great option also for rooms that do not get the heavy traffic off the hallway, stairs
and/or main traffic paths of the home.

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